Wig Consultation Services

Hair Loss. Who, Me?

You never thought you would be the kind of person to need a wig. From good hair days to bed head mornings, your hair was something you took for granted. You knew what worked for you and you could handle its quirks, cowlicks and curls.

People may find themselves requiring wig consultation services for many different reasons – for hair loss resulting from radiotherapy, chemotherapy, hormone conditions, alopecia or other causes.

We Can Help

Hair loss can be extremely upsetting. Dealing with it in a helpful, sensitive and positive way is something that we pride ourselves on, here at Jelly Beanz.

We are proud to work with the specialist service My New Hair, which helps those dealing with or preparing for hair loss due to chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormone treatments, alopecia or any other causes.

We start with a complimentary discreet consultation with our specially trained My New Hair stylist. The session will take place in the salon, and a quieter time can be arranged if you require. Your stylist will discuss with you your options and allow you to share your style requirements and any queries or concerns you may have.

Fitted for You

Your specialist stylist will then order your pieces directly from My New Hair on your behalf. Once these have arrived, your stylist will invite you back to the salon to have a fitting appointment.

During your fitting appointment, the stylist will show you up to three styles and show you how to apply you your piece. You will also be advised you on the home care and after care of your new chosen piece so that you feel 100% confident the moment you leave the salon.


Feel Like Yourself Again

As a client for wig services, you’re prioritising your health and focusing on treatment and recovery. Along the way, you want to look and feel like yourself again. That’s where our wig services come in.

To book your discreet and bespoke wig service consultation, contact us today.


My New HairGrant
Consultation£ 0
Fitting £ 59