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You never thought you would be the kind of person to wear a wig. From good hair days to bed head mornings, your hair was something you took for granted. You knew what worked for you and you could handle its quirks, cowlicks and curls.

Many of our clients for wig services, like you, have had to prioritise their health and focus on treatment and recovery. Along the way, like you, they want to look and feel like themselves again. That’s when they begin looking for sensitive, stylish wig services.

Founded by and inspired by Trevor Sorbie MBE, mynewhair is a charity that provides public advice on hair loss and supports a national network of independent salons and professionals who provide a wig styling service for people suffering from cancer and medical hair loss.

Grant Manser at Jelly Beanz in Whitstable, Kent, has pledged his commitment to responsible training and providing a caring and sensitive wig-styling service for his clients.

To book your consultation, please call 01227 282818. You are welcome to have an initial discussion with Grant before your appointment.

mynewhair has produced a booklet of advice and information on what happens when you lose your hair, choosing a wig, having your wig styled to suit you and aftercare/ hair re-growth in conjunction with the Department of Health and Institute of Trichologists. It’s called Patient Information Resource. Get in touch for download.


Trevor Sorbie congratulates Grant on completing MyNewHair training.

As a lifelong hair stylist, Grant had already made his commitment to cutting and styling hair. His training in both high street salons and with international brands had already enabled him to lead and establish his own salon in Whitstable. Along the way he met many brilliant people, including Hayley.

Hayley was an exceptional young woman who was diagnosed with bowel cancer and sadly passed away in 2016 but not before setting up her own 'Hayley's Heroes' charity to support young adults and their families in their fight against cancer. 

Her motivation and drive to support others was the inspiration behind Grant's decision to train with My New Hair and offer professional hair care and services to people facing medical hair loss. Providing style, product and practical hair advice outside of the medical sphere,  can be a powerful tool in maintaining and building self esteem during a challenging and difficult time of life.


Time to play and experiment: try out styles to suit you.

A My New Hair appointment gives you the opportunity to try out many more styles than a typical hair dressing appointment. Taking time to 'play' with new ways of styling your look ensures you find the right wig or hair piece for you. 

Sometimes hair loss is partial.  In fact, Dawn, pictured above, experienced a patch of hair loss by her hairline, which could be covered by fabulous hair bands, hair pieces and in this instance, a platinum blonde wig. Grant will advise you on ways of blending wigs or hair pieces with your natural hair for the look that works for you.

You may also have questions about how to manage your current style before and after hair loss. There are many choices you can make about this and we will be happy to answer questions to help you along the way.

While the purpose of My New Hair is serious, we know that consultations can be emotional - with both tears and laughter. We encourage you to call for an initial telephone consultation and to join us in the salon for an appointment. Please call 01227 282818. 

87f32eb5-ec0b-42ee-b1ea-682b2368b165.jpgWe are proud to support the Little Princess Trust, the charity that provides real hair wigs to children and young people with medical or cancer hair loss. 

When our long-haired clients declare their intention to cut their hair shorter, we always ask if they would like to donate their discarded lengths to the Little Princess Trust. The only requirements are that the hair is healthy (no split ends) and that the donated plait is at least 12" long. Simply ask in salon or at the time of booking if you would like to support the Little Princess Trust.