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INOA - a kinder way to colour your hair

It's time we ran a product review and explain why we use INOA at Jelly Beanz. There are a number of L'Oreal colouring systems on offer, but as an independent salon, we can exercise our choice in a number of ways. THIS is why INOA is often the colour system we reach for:

Ammonia-free. Instead of using ammonia, INOA uses an oil-based delivery system. This means it is much gentler on our clients' skin and doesn't cause any unpleasant smells as the colour goes to work. In our experience, there are very few clients who like the smell of ammonia and nor do our stylists. More importantly, we like to be kind to our clients'  skin so that you can swish your way out of the salon and not itch your way out!

Permanent - the colour lasts. There are other ammonia-free colour systems out there, but they mostly are only demi-permanent. For a lot of our clients, they want their  hair colour to outlast their cut, so this is an important feature for us.

Covers 100% grey hair. When you are taking time to sit in our comfy chairs, you hardly want to waste time with partial colour coverage. Inoa is a reliable colour system, that delivers the depth of colour that you are looking for.

134 colours. The colour range is vast. So we can be kind to our clients whether they want be a silver fox, a shiny brunette, a cool blonde or a radiant redhead. Or any shade in between.  Just because INOA is gentle, it doesn't mean the colour can't be deep and vibrant. 

But enough of the reading, already! How about some photographic evidence. Louise helps us out with recent styles that demonstrate how INOA has worked its gentle magic for our clients...


by Louise, senior stylist

Deeper shades of red

“On this occasion, our client arrived with faded colour and substantial regrowth. Her hair was feeling quite dry and tired so I wanted to give her hair some TLC in the form on Inoa’s oil delivery system. Applied with balayage techniques and long layers, we were able to add a lot of depth and movement to her hair." 


"As a regular client, INOA enables this client to comfortably maintain her style and colour between salon visits. On closer examination, it's possible to see where grey hair is emerging, so we used foil highlights to apply light, bright shades of blonde to cover her grey. INOA's comprehensive colour spectrum means I can add the touch of warmth that lifts this style into a very natural look."


"Our client was feeling a little overwhelmed by the blessing of her long, wavy, dark hair. She wanted to lighten her look, so we used INOA to gently lift her colour. Using balayage techniques, I applied the colour to the mid-lengths and ends. Finishing the look with longer layers, really emphasised the depths of colour and condition in her hair - but helpfully, also made it more manageable for her to achieve a glossier, smoother finish."