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All natural colour by botanea

L'Oreal Professional has brought together the best of nature and scientific research to create Botanea, it's first 100% herbal hair colour. When Grant and his team at Jelly Beanz first saw the product in its launch this year, they were intrigued. Being among the handful of salons approved for Botanea, we wanted to try it out for ourselves.

Would this blend of henna, indigo and cassia only work for red heads or could blondes, brunettes and silver foxes also benefit? Would our stylists be able to control the Botanea colour change with confidence? They needed a willing volunteer to try Botanea for themselves... Sarah, a client at the Whitstable salon, stepped up.

Background to the Botanea challenge

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Sarah's hair is naturally dark blonde. She has texture and wave to her hair. Her particular concern was to avoid sulphates and silicons in her haircare and to find a colour treatment that would revive a previous balayage colour without adding any further artificial chemicals to her hair.

A secondary concern was to have a hair treatment that would calm the 'frizz' on her naturally wavy hair.  As an organic treatment, Botanea, appears to tick all the boxes. Using Source Essentielle shampoo and conditioner would mean that we could also eliminate sulphates and silicons in the final wash.

Unique Blend

A careful consultation is essential with every colour treatment. This is no less true with Botanea than with any other colour treatment. It's important to understand what our client is looking for and also to assess and analyse the condition of our clients' hair. Only then can we assess whether our clients' hair goal is achievable and if we are using the most appropriate products.

In this instance, Sarah wanted to add healthy colour boost to her roots in order to revive a previous balayage treatment. She wanted to revive the warm tones of her dark blonde roots and to hide the occasional  white hair that was showing up in 'the frizz'. 

Artboard 2-100.jpgBotanea works with the natural base hair. Instead of covering up colour, it blends with your natural colour (including white hair) to give a soft regrowth. Grant was especially interested to see how Botanea would live up to its promise of a soft regrowth on Sarah's hair where it was previously lightened with freehand balayage techniques.

Botanea is made from three herbal ingredients, Henna, Indigo and Cassia. These are sustainable sourced in India with local co-operatives, then carefully selected and purified for consistent, professional results. Grant mixed a unique blend for Sarah's hair, adding hot water to activate the organic ingredients. This process also create a strong organic aroma. In theory, Botanea is edible, but despite appearances we focused on testing the colour, not the taste.


As a fully organic product, Botanea, can be messy and little heavy to apply. Working section by section, Grant and Sophie, applied Botanea to the darker roots. It was soon evident that the colour was blending easily with the earlier balayage colour change.

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For Sarah, the application also felt different from other colour systems. Botanea is applied warm and can be safely taken right onto the scalp. 

The mix is muddy in appearance once applied, needs to be left on for forty minutes. Unlike the shiny, scientific look of foil highlights, this is every bit the organic mud mask. 

Over the course of 40 minutes, Botanea works its magic. It does dry out over this time so we were careful to take out time in gently rinsing and cleansing the paste from Sarah's hair.

We shampooed Sarah's hair clean with Source Essentielle and took the opportunity to also add a Smartbond treatment to strengthen and smooth her hair without damaging her natural wave pattern.

It was at this point that Grant was further impressed with Botanea's blending qualities. We took a photo to show how pleased he was. 

Results from day 1 to day 31 

Blonde hair will reflect light in so many different ways. In the salon, the new colour ticked all the boxes for refreshing her darker roots. The occasional grey hair was throughly blended out. Outside in the sunlight and her hair colour shone with a warmer tone , surprising Sarah with Botanea's ability to make her hair appear lighter and fresher without any lightening agents at all.
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Over the course of the following month, Sarah kindly sent us photos of her progress. Her hair was certainly showing less frizz and her balayage was looking fresher as a result of the colour boost to her roots. Here's Sarah's feedback in her own words:

"My earlier balayage look was looking frazzled, but I  only wanted to use natural or vegan products for my hair. Botanea looked like the answer. It felt very odd to be putting what looked like mud onto my hair and it was a little uncomfortable washing it out. But the resulting colour - I love it. It's a much gentler way of experimenting with colour so I feel like I may be bolder in my colour choices next time. I came away with the feeling that the combination Botanea and Smartbond has been a healthy treatment for my hair - so much less frizz! "

Find out if Botanea will deliver the all natural result you are looking for. Call 01227 282818 to booking your consultation or appointment at Jelly Beanz. in Whitstable.